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About Us

The Oath that keeps us Alive

Ingrained in every human is a deep connection with innovative thinking. We are never satisfied with the status quo, nor should we be. Innovation is what allowed us to put men on the moon, create pocket sized computers, and construct electric cars to get us from point A-B without releasing any harmful emissions.

Though we don't focus on those big ticket items here, we do realize the recurring affair. Innovation does more than connect us. It rejuvenates and inspires us. It allows us to be original, and stand out from the pack. That's why our goal is to unveil products bi-weekly that act as a reminder of our human roots & inspire us on our journey to a better tomorrow.


Be Innovative. Be Original.

Season I

Everyday we consistently walk around with an extremely powerful tool in our pockets; our phones. They inner-connect almost all humans on earth while providing the landscape for professional quality photography, and they can make a boring situation a little more enjoyable. The issue is, none of us utilize, or even know how to utilize, all of the astonishing features available to us on our phones. Season 1 at Original 11 aims to provide the stepping stones that allow you to fully utilize your 'pocket-sized computers' at an affordable price. Make sure you sign up to our list below to get the absolute best deals on all upcoming and current products.

- Original 11